Karl's corner

Welcome to Karl’s corner! Date: February 5, 2020

This is the place where I share my latest news and thoughts online. My aim is to give our clients an insight into the latest goings on here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, and also to bring to their attention any matters I think important concerning the healthcare of their pets. I hope you find […]

Here’s Looking at You, Kid! Capturing Your Pet in a Portrait Date: March 30, 2021

As we tiptoe cautiously closer to an easing of some lockdown restrictions and take baby steps in the direction of a more ‘normal’ way of life, I started to think about all the different ways we’ve passed the time during this last year as we’ve been in and out of lockdowns and, for the most […]

The Impact of the Pandemic on Zoos & Wildlife Parks. Date: March 16, 2021

Now, I’m about to state the obvious, so prepare yourselves… this last year has seen our lives change in so many ways. If we could invent a Doc Brown style time-travelling car and nip back to early 2020 to warn our past selves what was coming, we’d never have believed it. There’s hardly a single […]

“No! Don’t Eat That!” What to Do If Your Pet Eats Something They Shouldn’t. Date: March 1, 2021

As I was perusing the news the other day (a rare moment of calm whilst the little man was temporarily otherwise engaged), I came across an article about a Cockapoo who’d eaten a discarded facemask. In fact, the pooch, called Patch, also wolfed down a sock, which is the only thing the owners were aware […]

Valentine’s Day – A Whole Lotta Love for Pets Date: February 15, 2021

Brrrrr… it’s chilly out there at the minute isn’t it! We’ve had a little coating of the white stuff here but not much to write home about; plenty of sub-zero temperatures though. Thankfully, as I write this, I’ve got a nice warm glow because I’m going to be talking about luuuuurve. Soppy, starry-eyed, warm-you-from-the-inside, love. […]

Do Cats and Dogs Dream? Date: January 22, 2021

I found myself enjoying a quiet moment at home the other evening (not easy with little legs, a.k.a Jesse, around!) and my mind did that wandering daydream sort of thing for a while. Well, I must’ve nodded off and that got me to thinking about dreams. Currently my favourite topics seem to be sunshine and […]

Dodging Winter’s ‘Wonderful’ Curveballs. Date: January 7, 2021

Well, we did it; kicked 2020 to the kerb and ushered in 2021. I trust you all had a lovely festive season, albeit a far from ideal one? The little man, Jesse, kept us on our toes at Underhill Towers – and I include the furry members of the family in this! We’re now firmly […]

2020; So long and thanks for all the …..nothing! Date: December 24, 2020

When I pulled up a chair (with a cuppa and biscuit for company 🙂 to write the latest Karl’s Corner blog, my intention was to write about settling a new puppy or kitten into your home at Christmas. It’s not a subject I was particularly looking forward to penning as a Veterinarian; every year I […]

Christmas 2020 aka Festive Covid Capers. Date: December 11, 2020

Well folks, here we are again, hurtling towards another Christmas (one that nearly didn’t happen!); and what a year it’s been, eh? If any of you had approached me last New Years’ Eve – y’know, back when we could hug each other, gather together in social groups of more than six and be from unlimited […]

How much Should You Feed Your Dog? Date: November 27, 2020

I want to tackle a subject that is, in my opinion, one of the most important areas of any pets’ care; how much feed to give you pet, specifically your dog, for this blog. Here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, we’re not alone in seeing some chubby dogs; it’s becoming all too common in practices […]