Karl's corner

Welcome to Karl’s corner! Date: February 5, 2020

This is the place where I share my latest news and thoughts online. My aim is to give our clients an insight into the latest goings on here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, and also to bring to their attention any matters I think important concerning the healthcare of their pets. I hope you find […]

Therapy Pets Date: February 26, 2024

Those of us with pets will talk until the proverbial cows come home about how amazing they are. Animals have a unique ability to brighten our lives. They can cheer us up when we’re feeling down, entertain us with their antics and quirky ways, keep us company and get us up and active. Their loyalty, […]

Animal-inspired Idioms Date: February 9, 2024

As I write this, I’m looking out of my window at the pouring rain. It seems to have been quite a regular occurrence lately and someone at the practice commented the other day that it was ‘raining cats and dogs.’ I laughed and agreed at the time, it certainly was a very heavy shower… but […]

Litter-al Disaster – How to Deal with this Cat-astrophe! Date: January 29, 2024

This week’s blog is specifically for the cat owners amongst you – I’m going to be talking about an issue that crops up with surprising frequency. Namely, regression in litter box training. Picture the scenario: Your cat is immaculately litter trained; they may well have been for years. But suddenly, it’s all gone wrong. As […]

Pet Tech Date: January 15, 2024

Firstly, before I dive into this week’s topic, let me say – Happy New Year! I hope 2024 has started well for you all. It’s been a busy start to the year for us here at SLVC, which is just the way we like it – surrounded by animals and helping you to keep your […]

The Season of Goodwill? Date: December 22, 2023

Ah, Christmas time – a season of joy and goodwill all around. Or is it? While the majority of people are very merry at Christmas, fully embracing the festive spirit, I couldn’t help but notice that there are still many atrocities and wrong-doings going on in the world, whether it’s Christmas or not. While they […]

Not Just for Christmas… Date: December 11, 2023

Yes, I’ve said it before and, at the risk of keep banging that same old drum, I’m going to say it again. I think it’s a message that can’t be repeated often enough because it appears that the people at the back still aren’t hearing it … pets are a long-term commitment and you should […]

Winter Walks Date: November 27, 2023

It may not officially start until 22nd December according to the astronomical calendar, or 1st December by the meteorological calendar but, whatever the ‘official’ sources say, it very much feels like winter has arrived already … especially if you have a dog or dogs to walk. The evenings are dark, the weather’s cold, the leaves […]

Lest We Forget Date: November 10, 2023

On Remembrance Day, we honour those who have fought for our freedom in wars past and present. Those who’ve paid the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives, as well as those who’ve suffered physical or mental trauma as a result of the horrors they experienced through war. As well as the humans, we should also […]

Caring for Your Pet After Surgery Date: October 24, 2023

So, your pet has had an operation and the vet has given them the all-clear to go home and start their recovery. But, how do you care for your pet at home and ensure they recover well? No matter what the surgery, whether it’s a routine operation or something more serious, your pet will need […]