Other Animal Rescues that we work with at SLVC

In a previous blog I posted about the Dog-only rescues and charities that we’re privileged to be involved with here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, so this time I want to shine the spotlight on those rescues that open their doors to other furry creatures.

Lina’s Cat Rescue

was founded in 2012 and we began working with them shortly after, in 2013. Lina’s is based in the East Midlands and is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming cats and kittens. This particular organisation has a strict “no kill” policy, meaning that no healthy cat will be PTS. Lina’s Cat Rescue is run entirely by a volunteer team – on top of them holding down day jobs and having a “normal” life too!

There are less than fifty fosterers, admin’s, and fundraisers in the Lina’s team that literally deal with every aspect of the running of this rescue facility, including the up-keep of their social media pages. If you are unlucky enough to have your fur-baby go missing, there is a section on the Lina’s Cat Rescue called “Missing Moggies” that you can post on to help spread the word; simply get in touch with them as to how to do this.

They are purely reliant on public donations at Lina’s, receiving no funding at all from the government. Helpfully, they have an Amazon “wish list” where you can buy something for them and it will be sent directly to Lina’s registered address. You can also buy things for the kitties just whilst you’re out shopping; things like cat litter, food, or bedding (which the volunteers buy out of their own money normally). All you need to do is get in touch via their Facebook page, leave your postcode and the donation information; they will give you the nearest fosterer to drop it to – or they can sometimes collect.

The team at Lina’s Cat Rescue often do car boot sales as a way to boost their income, so if you have any bric-a-brac that is in good condition, you can always donate that to them too J. Keeping an eye on their Facebook page and their Twitter feed is the best way to see what the team are up to, and it’s where the latest adoptees can be seen if you’re thinking of rehoming a kitty yourself.

Hope Animal Rescue Centre

is another small charity that we work with here at SLVC, a Long Eaton-based rescue that was founded in October 2011. Like the team at Lina’s, this charity is run entirely by volunteers and fosters pets for people in hospital, as well as taking in “death row” dogs. As well as dogs and cats, if you look on their Facebook page you will see past posts about tortoises and rabbits, so they really do open their doors to any animal in need 🙂

It’s a well known fact among the rescue community that there is always something needing to be paid for, and facilities are unfortunately never big enough to cope with the demand. Hope Animal Rescue is currently raising funds for an emergency housing centre, so that they can further help needy animals and those dogs threatened under Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) at short notice.

You can help in lots of ways, including volunteering to be a foster home for an animal in need. Hope Rescue Centre will cover all Veterinary bills for the foster animal; you provide the food and shelter, and the most essential need – love and attention. For those not in a position to do this, for example your landlord won’t allow animals, then there are other ways to play a part in helping this small charity. This team are always appreciative if people get sponsored for them, whatever event or activity you choose to do!

Hope Animal Rescue Centre have a PayPal account that you can donate to, or you can visit their site and jot down their bank details if you want to make a donation straight into their account. This charity also have an Amazon “wish list” too, like Lina’s Cat Rescue, where you can purchase goods and they will be sent directly to Hope Animal Rescue.

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that adopting an animal from a rescue centre is a fantastic thing to do. These fur-babies have often been through a traumatic experience and the one thing that they need more than anything is a stable, loving home. If you think that you would like to “adopt, not shop” then please get in touch with any of the rescues that I’ve mentioned in this and previous blogs, and make a difference to an animal that really needs you and your family.

If you are lucky enough to have a new rescue fur-baby then please don’t hesitate to contact the SLVC team. As well as taking care of their routine needs and advising on diets and day-to-day care, we always love to have cuddles with the lucky ones that find a fur-ever home and that crucial second chance of a good life.

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy 🙂