Annie and Marco

A lot of you will have met the lovely Annie in her role as Reception Manager at the Derby surgery. Like the rest of the Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre team, Annie has succumbed to “furry charm” and is the proud Mummy of Marco, a 15 year old Burmese Blue cat. As well as being incredibly handsome, Marco has a marvellous character that has Annie well and truly wrapped around his paw. Like humans, animals can often have ailments creep up on them as they get older and Marco is unfortunately no exception. Pancreatitis has afflicted Marco quite a few times and can be very painful when it strikes; luckily Annie is quick to spot any changes in Marco’s behaviour.

Here at SLVC, one of the things we will often ask you about is if you’ve noticed any changes in your pets’ behaviour. Obviously we can tell the clinical signs, but no-one knows the subtle nuances of a beloved pet like its dedicated owner; often it is these “non clinical” clues that yield the piece of the puzzle necessary to get to the bottom of things.

I often look at my pets and wonder what they’re thinking, and I’m sure you do the same. Well here’s a little light-hearted insight from Marco’s perspective – just for fun.


“Hey there non-furry beings, my name is Marco and I want to tell you about life ‘Chez Marco and Annie’.

Annie is my amazing human; well, she’s amazing now – it’s only taken me 15 years of dedicated training to get her to this point! I always feel slightly sorry for Annie as she scurries around getting ready for this thing called ‘work’. It is funny watching her go through all her little rituals as I just laze on the bed grooming myself to an even higher level of magnificence. The best thing is the impromptu kisses and cuddles she gives me as she’s getting ‘human-ified’

Once Mum has left me for the day it’s an endless giddy cycle of sleeping and grooming, with an occasional spot of human- and bird-watching. I am getting on in years, so I don’t chase birds as much as I did in my youth, but I relive those glory days in my head – they were great fun!

I have lots of things in my life that I love, thanks to Annies unerring devotion, but I love warmth and Chicken the best. In summer I like nothing more than indulging in a spot or two of sun worshipping, and my Mummy says my glossy fur looks sensational in the sunshine. When the weather turns colder my favourite snuggle spot is by the log burner, and of course cuddling up on Annie’s lap is purr-fect.

A good Kitty should always keep his/her human on their toes and I have found that chasing Annie up the stairs when she comes home from work does this perfectly. After all that exertion I go to find my hotspot in the airing cupboard; trust me fellow felines, the joys of this place are unparalleled – if your humans haven’t got an airing cupboard, keep pestering until they create you a suitable den!

My senior years have been a bit pesky at times, thanks to something called Pancreatitis. Luckily Annie and her boss, Karl, have got this under control so it doesn’t impact too much on my lifestyle. I have to have special biscuits, which are pretty tasty, so it’s no biggie to have to eat them; the best bit though is the roast Chicken Mum cooks specially for me. Apparently the chicken comes from ‘Marks and Spencer’ which Mum says is ‘the bomb’ for food in the human world. Works for me 🙂

After a nice supper and a pleasant evening curled up with Annie, our lovely bed beckons. I totally recommend sleeping with your human, and if they need training to allow this, the effort is SO worth it. Annie knows that a 2am snack is crucial to the smooth running of ‘planet Marco’ and very obligingly fetches me one if I wake her up. See, feline brothers and sisters, I told you I’d got her well trained!”

I hope you enjoyed this take on Marco and Annies relationship, and no doubt you’re wondering what your fur-baby has managed to “train” you to do!

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy. Oh, and do as your pet says!