Covid Capers Ep.2: Kitty and Canine Underhill’s Rule the Keyboard.

Yo peeps/humans/bipeds/whatever you wanna identify as; it’s Ziggy Underhill here………

coolest cat on the block! Me and my homies have hi-jacked Dad Karls blog – his own fault really, he left his desk to have dinner with ‘da fam’ and forgot to turn the tech off J. You snooze, you lose chap; the blog is all ours now – vive le furries, you get me?! Safe.

My poor furry ears have had to endure 6 weeks of increased human ‘noise’ and all you’ve done is jabber on about this lock-down caper and how hard it is, *yawn*. I’ll tell you what’s hard, pal; having your routine disrupted, your peace and quiet shattered, and your fave relaxation spots pinched! That’s what real hardship is – I’m proper suffering, innit.

The hounds are lit – the ladies cuteness makes up for the fact that they’re dogs – but Dad’s mini-me, Jesse, and his attempts to play with me are gonna tip me over the edge, I swear down. Kiddo, your attempt at cuddles needs some refinement; they’re more like death squeezes. And as for ear and tail pulling? Nah, not happening dude, the girlies can be your guinea pigs for that. Betty, though, has got some smarts and has the same mind-set as me, so between us “Operation Avoid Mini-Me” is in full swing. A boi has to have some fun though, right, so I occasionally ‘forget’ to alert Betty Boof-Head that the tiny terror is in a room she’s about to enter; oops, my bad! HAHAHAHAHA *cough, hack, splutter*, eewww, fur-ball!

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, the hounds at the hands of Jesse. Gotta give props to the kiddo though; he must have lungs of steel (or no sense of smell) to survive Poppy’s honking breath when she’s bestowing canine kisses on his mush!

The ladies aren’t all bad, I actually quite like them in a strange sort of way. We muddle along between us and I let them think they’re top dogs when they wanna chase me around – geddit? ‘top dog’; bruv, I’m well good, innit! I know they wouldn’t hurt me ‘cos I’m ‘their’ cat, but also we’re about the same size if a fight did break out and I’d fancy my chances against them, and of course my superior jumping skills could easily get me out of their reach J.

Life’s pretty cushty at Underhill Towers so I don’t tend to wander far and my motto has always been “why take risks when you don’t need to”, but when I do mosey out for a bit of cat chat my excellent street-smarts and awareness get me back to the crib. Then when I’m back I find the nearest available lap to curl up on and demand some quality fuss; yep, it’s good to me 🙂

Oh.My.DOG! Zig, draw breath pal! And stop hogging the blog, it’s not all about you, you know.

Hi everyone, it’s the beautiful, gorgeous Betty here; hope you’re all safe and well? I’m quite liking this lock-down malarkey; it’s cuddles a-go-go from Mum Stef – ooooooh, yeah, tickle my tummy J. I have lovely soft fur thanks to my mixed heritage (I’m a Cavalier KCS/Shih Tzu cross) so it’s not hard to get fuss from Mum and Dad; gotta say, I’m not so keen on mini marauder Jesse’s interpretation of fuss though, he’s a bit rough-n-tough at present!

It isn’t uncommon to see me chasing delivery men off my territory, like the good guard dog I am; don’t know what I’d do if they faced up to me though – probs turn tail and scarper back to Mum! Although I come across as a feisty girl I’m a complete softie at heart; I don’t mind admitting to being a real homebody and a bit of a diva princess, and I really do love my family to the moon and back 🙂


According to Dad, I can also be a bit lazy. My way of thinking though is ‘why go to the bottom of the garden to do your ablutions when you can literally do them right outside the front door?’. Actually, it isn’t laziness – it’s energy efficiency: I’m doing my bit for the planet by saving energy! Dad, Dad! I need tummy tickles for being a good girl……

Strewth that pair can rattle on, can’t they?!

Let me introduce myself; I’m Poppy, the REAL gaffer of Underhill Towers’ furry division. I’m a terrier through-and-through; Jack Russell/Yorkshire cross: tenacious, tough and trusty. Never more did I need my Yorkshire grit and tenacity than last year when I fought off acute Kidney failure – Mam and Dad call me their miracle lady 🙂

Personally, I can’t see why Zigster and Betty Boosk are getting their paws in a pickle over t’little lad, Jesse – I just waltz up and lick him smack on t’chops; bosh, no messing! Mind you, my breath honks a tad so maybe it temporarily stuns the young ‘un! Them two amateurs need t’ get their Yorkshire on a bit more if tha’asks me 🙂

Whilst all this lock-down stuff’s been happening I’ve taken it upon mesen to test the robustness of Underhill Towers’ perimeter, i.e. I’ve found weak spots in the garden fence and ‘done a Houdini’ through ‘em J. It’s kept Dad busy and out o’ mischief though, as he’s channelled his inner ‘Handy Andy’ and repaired ‘em. Not that I’ve stayed out for long and had a gander at the wider world, but I think that because I’m the fave, Mam and Dad panicked at the thought of me really getting lost. Talking o’ being queen bee, it’s proper riling me up when t’other furries clamber up for fusses; hoppit, poppets, those hands and laps are MINE!

One thing that we three furries are loving though is having t’extra attention from our folks – Mam and Dad are pretty cool as far as humans go. We don’t want for owt, whether it be food, bedding, exercise or fuss. Yep, we’ve got t’life of riley here and I hope that that’s the case for all of you. Humans always say that pets are t’ best therapy, so make tha’sen useful and let ‘em stroke ‘n’ scratch thee as much as they want – it keeps ‘em reyt in t’head apparently’. Make sure you’re in tip-top health too, by going t’ see Dad at his place, Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre – he’ll si’ thee right.

Oooooh eyup, Dad’s coming, best I get this posted afore he does ‘is nut in; where’s t’ “enter” key? Ah, there it is…..! Ta ra!

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy 🙂