International Cat Day 8th August

We do like our kitties in the U.K, there’s no denying it, and what better way to show our appreciation than with a day in their sole honour? The International Cat Day celebration started in 2002 by the charity International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

The Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre team are huge fans of Felines; I have two cats, Ziggy and Simba (a British Shorthair), Lynn has the lovely Jasper, and Annie is at regal Burmese Blue Marco’s beck-and-call.

All over the world, people spend an inordinate amount of time watching funny cat videos, sending moggy memes, or posting pictures of cute kitties to all their social media contacts. Truth is, we just can’t get enough of them, and the fact that cat themed items are some of the most viewed stuff online confirms our fascination with feline furries!

Cats were held as sacred in ancient Egyptian culture and had shrines built for their worship. The Goddess Bastet (later Bast), whose form was that of a cat, became associated with protection, fertility, and motherhood. Even in this modern age they hold dominion over us like the feline gods and goddesses that they are; admit it, your cats every wish is your command. Playtime? Sure, I’ll dangle a furry fake mouse on a stick all over so that you can “hunt” for hours at a time; who needs to eat or sleep anyway! You need feeding RIGHT NOW? Not a problem, I’ll switch the taps off that bath that I was running myself. You get the picture; we’re their slaves, pure and simple 🙂

When we’ve had a long day at work there’s nothing finer than sinking into the couch and having a furry paw swat your face in affection ,or when they head butt you as if to say “forget the lousy day, I’m here now to make it all better”. It’s a well documented fact that fussing your furry can reduce stress levels; I’m a firm believer in this particular type of therapy :-). And I don’t care what anyone says, the sound of a purr is one of life’s most comforting sounds. You can keep your pitter-pattering of rain, or whale song stuff – it’s purr purr purr, that hits the sweet relaxation spot for me.


Cats can be very independent and it’s easy to think they don’t care, but they do. Think of all the times they’ve brought you gifts as a token of their affection; yep, who doesn’t love the ubiquitous “midnight mouse” present? Kitty sits in your room meowing loudly with pride as they watch you scamper around trying frantically to catch said “gift”, whilst you are thinking “I just want to sleeeeep”!

Also, who hasn’t experienced the joy of treading on a freshly caught bird? Cats know JUST where to drop this morsel for you to squish underfoot. The cunning critters also know that we can’t be mad at them because we understand that this is an expression of our cats’ unconditional love for us! No-one can dispute that cats have oodles of personality; they switch from aloof and royal, to complete mad-cap in nanoseconds.


For those who lead hectic lives and/or work long hours, but still want the companionship of a pet, cats make the ideal family addition. They don’t need to be walked, which saves a whole heap of time in the day; you can train a cat to be walked on a harness if you want, but they don’t require this of you. Cats are capable of toileting themselves and can do so independently in a litter tray or via a cat flap to the outdoors. Having mentioned the outdoors, I should just say that cats don’t necessarily need their own garden, so are perfect for those living in flats.

Feeding a feline is cheaper than providing food for a pooch, although Annie’s Marco is rather partial to his M&S Chicken! Remember me saying that cats regard us as their underlings? Prime example of human being under cats’ paw, right there! Another advantage of cat “ownership” is that if you go on holiday, their independence makes them a lot easier for neighbours to watch over.

Cats are formidable hunters, that’s why we get so many ”gifts”, but this generosity and skill can come in very handy. Those of us that own animals requiring grain-based feeds, such as horses, chickens, and other livestock such as cows are often plagued by pesky rodents. Enter the sharp-clawed, eagle-eyed pest controller that is your kitty; unwelcome visitors 0 : efficient feline hunter 1.

Celebrities aren’t immune to feline charm either; fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has the beautiful Choupette for company, and pop superstar Taylor Swift has Meredith. Some cats are famous in their own right, such as the Street Cat named Bob (he’s now a Hollywood star), 10 Downing Streets real boss, Larry the mouser, and Grumpy Cat.

I think we can all agree that cats rule, yes? So let’s celebrate International Cat Day on 8th August and think how lucky we are to have them in our lives. Don’t forget to send us pictures of your marvellous moggy here at SLVC; we always love to see animals being loved and cherished.

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy 🙂