Introducing Our Veterinary Physiotherapist……. Emma-Jayne

Hello everyone, I hope this blog post finds you all in good spirits? As you know, here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre we pride ourselves on striving for the best practice possible and giving excellent standards of care for your pets. I’ve always believed that with knowledge and education comes responsibility; a responsibility to teach others and share what we know in order to ensure high standards continue, and that we expand said knowledge.

SLVC has trainee Veterinary Nurses, Veterinary Medicine, and Veterinary Surgery students between the two practices, and we even have Veterinary Physiotherapy students on placement too. One of these Veterinary Physiotherapy students, Emma-Jayne Bailey, has since graduated and gone into practice, and I’m delighted to say that she has started to run an Osteoarthritis (OA) clinic for us at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre. I think I’ve probably said enough, so I’ll let Emma-Jayne introduce herself to you all – look out for further blogs about what tips she has to share in the future on Karl’s Corner. Over to you, Emma-Jayne…..

Hello to you all, lovely to “meet” you. In common with pretty much everyone in the veterinary sphere (whatever branch), I have always loved animals. It seems strange to me therefore that I am without a pet to greet me when I step through the door at home, after a hard days’ work. The reason for this is that I have moved out of my family home, taking the daunting, but exciting, step of getting my own place! Thankfully I still have plenty of furry cuddles coming my way; between my folks and my partners’ parents, there are five mighty fine felines to love – all of whom have their own unique, quirky character. There’s also a pair of family dogs to have fun with, so I have a menagerie-by-proxy really when I think about it 🙂

I also love to ride and used to compete with my own horse. Since graduating though this has been a bit tricky to balance and I no longer have a horse of my own, but there’s nothing better than hearing that nicker and whinny as I pop up to the yard to catch up with my friends. It was my beloved horse that first sparked my passion for Veterinary Physiotherapy; caring for them when they were injured got me started, and then my placement at SLVC got me interested in working with smaller animals.

I qualified as a Veterinary Physiotherapist in 2018, having studied a four-year sandwich degree. During my “sandwich” year, which is a year out in the industry, I met the Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre team and gained a huge amount of experience in practice. Without wanting to sound sycophantic, I really couldn’t have wished for better mentors than Karl and his team. After graduating, I set up my own business, providing home visits and Veterinary clinics, and recently returned to SLVC a couple of months ago to run a new Osteoarthritis clinic.

When it comes to OA I believe that a multimodal approach helps to alleviate an animals’ suffering; disease isn’t one-dimensional, it can affect several body systems at once, and so I strongly believe that we shouldn’t be rigid in our approach to treating and managing it. My ethos is that I can introduce a stimulant-rich environment for my patients that maybe aren’t as mobile as they have been previously, and give them a fantastic quality of life, without compromising their joints further.

If you have any concerns about your pets mobility or painful joints, then please get in touch with the Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre team, and I’ll be more than happy to assess them at the dedicated OA clinic at SLVC. I look forward to meeting you, and as Karl would say: until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy 🙂