Meet the new members of Team SLVC

Nothing stays the same forever does it? Life and events take us in directions we never expect or anticipate, and we have to change and adapt our lives accordingly. Here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre we have seen some of our staff members go off to pastures new, and so we have welcomed some ‘New Blood’ into the foldJ.

Team Building ………..

You can’t beat a good day out for team-building, and where better to do it than in the bright lights of London? We all caught the train down together, en masse, and kicked things off with a *couple of bottles of Prosecco (*it might have been more than a couple, but who’s counting?!). Never ones to turn down the chance for a spot of culture, we headed over to the theatre to watch ‘Thriller’. A fab time was had by all and the conversation was in full flow as we went out for dinner. Even on the return journey home, after such a full-on day, we were all still buzzing. Yep, the new team had enthusiasm and energy to burn and, as the boss, I sat back and smiled to myself. Next year I think we might venture to Paris.

Experienced Vets

Before I introduce the new team members individually, I just wanted to tell you that the SLVC Veterinary Surgeons now have a whopping 50 years experience when all combined together! Not bad, eh?

First up is Miklos who graduated as a Veterinarian in 1989 at the University of Veterinary Science in Budapest, Hungary. Miklos’ first job saw him working with Cows, Pigs, and Geese on a state farm, and then he moved back to the capital (Budapest) to focus on small animal veterinary medicine. Nearly a decade after qualifying as a Vet, Miklos took the brave step of opening his own little surgery at home – as well as working full-time as a Food Hygiene Inspector! Exhausted reading this? Me too! 🙂

Miklos and his family settled permanently in the UK back in 2007, and in that time he has worked hard to gain experience in small animal practice, including wildlife and exotics. We’ve had the pleasure of having him here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre since March this year, so next time you bring your fur-baby in they might get to meet him if they’re lucky J. In his spare time, Miklos likes gardening, History, reading, and playing his old guitar. You never know, if your pet’s really fortunate, he might strum them a tune on it (!).

The second Veterinarian to join the team is Victoria; unfortunately, her family’s dog recently gained its ‘Angel Wings’, so they are currently without a pet. Watch this space though, as plans are afoot to persuade Mr Victoria to get a pup; we might yet persuade her to go down the adoption route though – you never know 🙂

After qualifying in 2005 Victoria worked in a couple of different counties around the country, before settling here in the best one! 2011 saw her gain her certificate in Small Animal Medicine, and she now holds Advanced Practitioner status in this field. Outside of work and family commitments (both of which keep her busy) Victoria loves to play netball and practice Yoga to unwind.

Our third and final new member of the SLVC team is Sam, who joined us in December 2018. Clearly Derbyshire (and Derby itself) has something irresistible that draws former inhabitants back to the roost; like me, Sam grew up in Derby and has finally come home! Sam is actually on the team photo above, just look for the whooly hat!

Newly qualified in2014, Sam initially went to work as a first opinion vet in South Wales before venturing off to work as a volunteer in Cyprus for an animal charity. Following that, there was a 2 year stint working nights as an out-of-hours emergency vet, before we managed to lure Sam back into the (day) light. You may have gathered that Sam likes to travel, especially to New Zealand following the Lions rugby tour around! Other passions include parachuting and bungee jumping – braver than me!

As you can see, the new gang are a varied, adventurous bunch and it’s no mean feat trying to keep all us Veterinarians in line and under control! Varying schedules need to be co-ordinated to ensure that here at SLVC central, we deliver the best possible care and that there is always someone available if you need us.

New Practice Manager

This is where Practice Manager, Nicola comes in. Sometimes we get emergency cases in, which naturally have to come first, and schedules and appointments can need re-jigging. With her extensive experience in Catering AND Retail Management, Nicola sorts it all out with minimal fuss and not a hair out of place 🙂

I’ve always been one to say “never give up on your dreams”, and Nicola certainly didn’t; it was her childhood dream to work in a Vets’ surgery, and that’s what happened in November 2018. We consider ourselves very lucky to have such a lovely pocket-rocket amongst our numbers. I say pocket-rocket because this lady never seems to stop. Nicola loves live music, and there’s barely a week goes by that she hasn’t been to some gig or other!

As well as children Ben and Evie to run after, there is also Jack Rabbit, Hugo the Cat, and Ruby Rottweiler to sort out. Jack and Hugo are fairly chillaxed but Ruby shows no signs of slowing down (must take after mum!). This 11 year old Canine has no intention of growing old gracefully, enjoying nothing better than a proper, full-on Squirrel chasing session through the trees 🙂

So there you have it folks, the latest additions to Family Von SLVC. Oh, and if you don’t already know, there will be an addition to the Underhill clan at the end of October/ beginning of November. Yep, I’m going to be a Daddy! *gulp*

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy 🙂