Meet The Team Part 2

As well as having fantastic Veterinarians and Reception staff at Saint Leonard, we are blessed to have an outstanding team of Veterinary Nurses, Trainees, and Veterinary Care Assistants.

To our clients these ladies are calmness incarnate; only we (and they) know the tremendous work-load that they juggle with consummate professionalism. The perfect analogy is one of a Swan; graceful and fluid on the top of the water, energetic and hard-working under the surface.

The first member of the Veterinary Nurse team I would like to introduce is Vivien. Vivien is the longest standing member of the Saint Leonard team, and as such has witnessed many changes in both Veterinary Practice and Veterinary Medicine over the years. Her dedication to the job is outstanding; when your pet is with Vivien you can be sure they’re in safe hands. At home Vivien has a fur-baby of her own to dote on; a beautiful cat called Annie who she adores.

Fiona is our joint Head Veterinary Nurse, beginning her journey with us when she left school in 2002. In 2009 she gained her qualification in Veterinary Nursing, eventually helping to lead the team of nurses here at Saint Leonard. Buddy the Lakeland terrier and Mabel the Cats Protection League rescue cat are always available for therapeutic cuddles back at home after a day at work. The other passion in Fiona’s life is Dressage; she and Bailey the handsome Irish Sports Horse love spending any spare time being out and about at competitions.

Rebecca joined the Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre team back in 1991 as a trainee and chose to stay with us when she completed her training and became a fully fledged Veterinary Nurse. Along with Fiona, she is our joint Head Veterinary Nurse and they are quite a formidable duo that always encourages the others in the team. Currently, Rebecca is working for us part-time and this means that her two Canine companions, Percy and Aggie, are getting extra walkies. Rebecca also loves to stay mentally and physically agile by playing Netball.

The fourth member of the Saint Leonard Veterinary nurse team is the lovely Allison. As well as being a vital member of the practice, Allison is also a member of the National Association of Teachers of Dancing; her speciality is Tap Dancing. As you may appreciate, in this job being nimble on your feet is a definite bonus!

Last year saw significant milestones being reached for Vivien, Allison, and Rebecca as they all picked up long service awards for 40-, 30-, and 25- years service respectively. Here at Saint Leonard we are a tight-knit team that work hard and play hard; after all the saying goes “those that play together, stay together “ doesn’t it? To that end it seemed only fitting that our ladies had a Limousine cruise around Derby with Champagne before being greeted by us all in the Casino for a night of revelry and dining. It was a great honour to present them with a trophy, a newspaper from the year they started at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, and some vouchers to treat themselves with, as we do really appreciate their unflinching dedication and loyalty.

I must confess at this point to totally going over-the-top and donning various animal masks whilst giving a speech in these ladies’ honour! Picture if you will me as a Giraffe in homage to Rebecca’s presence around the surgery, as a Lioness in respect of Allison’s quiet strength, and as an Elephant to mark Vivien’s esteemed place (as Matriarch) in our team. Quite simply ladies, we would be lost without you all and I’m sure our lovely clients would agree whole-heartedly with me.

Saint Leonard prides itself on being a great environment to teach and train, and our current trainee Veterinary Nurse is the very enthusiastic Emma. Originally Emma wanted to work in Education, even gaining a degree in this area. Luckily for us she realised that working with animals is her true vocation and her passion for it really shines through. Outside of work Emma and her Cockerpoo are working on their Agility and Obedience skills; watch this space, they may make it to Crufts one day, who knows!

Currently, the Saint Leonard practice has two Veterinary Care Assistants, Louise and Lauren. Louise has been with us for just over two years now and her fantastic personality always provides good company for her colleagues. She is one of those people that is very generous in spirit and is a source of good support for her co-workers. In her spare time Louise likes to go riding as it helps keep her fit and healthy.

The last member of the Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre team to introduce is our other Veterinary Care Assistant, Lauren. Lauren is the newest member of the group having only joined us six months ago. You can’t help but be amazed at her passion, dedication and enthusiasm for the job; we consider ourselves very fortunate to have her with us.

So there you have it; the phenomenal Saint Leonard team of Veterinary Nurses, Trainees, and Veterinary Care Assistants. Between these ladies, our Veterinarians, Reception team and I, your much-loved pet is in fantastic hands.

Don’t forget that we are always available for advice at the end of a telephone if there is anything you’re not sure on.

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy!