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Pets Gone AWOL Part 2 – What to Do If You Lose Your Dog Date: April 27, 2021

How are you all doing? It’s beautiful weather at the moment – really puts the proverbial ‘spring’ in your step, doesn’t it! (Apologies if it’s started chucking it down by the time you read this – that’s the curse of mentioning the weather!) On days like these I’m so pleased that I’m a dog owner. […]

Catching an Escapee – How to Deal with a Houdini Hamster (or Other Small Animal) Date: April 13, 2021

Small animals can make great pets and soon become mini additions to the family, providing endless hours of entertainment with their funny little ways. Watching a hamster filling its cheeks with food, doing laps on a wheel or careering around the house in a ball is hours of fun! The tamer they become, the more […]

Here’s Looking at You, Kid! Capturing Your Pet in a Portrait Date: March 30, 2021

As we tiptoe cautiously closer to an easing of some lockdown restrictions and take baby steps in the direction of a more ‘normal’ way of life, I started to think about all the different ways we’ve passed the time during this last year as we’ve been in and out of lockdowns and, for the most […]

The Impact of the Pandemic on Zoos & Wildlife Parks. Date: March 16, 2021

Now, I’m about to state the obvious, so prepare yourselves… this last year has seen our lives change in so many ways. If we could invent a Doc Brown style time-travelling car and nip back to early 2020 to warn our past selves what was coming, we’d never have believed it. There’s hardly a single […]

“No! Don’t Eat That!” What to Do If Your Pet Eats Something They Shouldn’t. Date: March 1, 2021

As I was perusing the news the other day (a rare moment of calm whilst the little man was temporarily otherwise engaged), I came across an article about a Cockapoo who’d eaten a discarded facemask. In fact, the pooch, called Patch, also wolfed down a sock, which is the only thing the owners were aware […]

Valentine’s Day – A Whole Lotta Love for Pets Date: February 15, 2021

Brrrrr… it’s chilly out there at the minute isn’t it! We’ve had a little coating of the white stuff here but not much to write home about; plenty of sub-zero temperatures though. Thankfully, as I write this, I’ve got a nice warm glow because I’m going to be talking about luuuuurve. Soppy, starry-eyed, warm-you-from-the-inside, love. […]

Do Cats and Dogs Dream? Date: January 22, 2021

I found myself enjoying a quiet moment at home the other evening (not easy with little legs, a.k.a Jesse, around!) and my mind did that wandering daydream sort of thing for a while. Well, I must’ve nodded off and that got me to thinking about dreams. Currently my favourite topics seem to be sunshine and […]

Dodging Winter’s ‘Wonderful’ Curveballs. Date: January 7, 2021

Well, we did it; kicked 2020 to the kerb and ushered in 2021. I trust you all had a lovely festive season, albeit a far from ideal one? The little man, Jesse, kept us on our toes at Underhill Towers – and I include the furry members of the family in this! We’re now firmly […]

2020; So long and thanks for all the …..nothing! Date: December 24, 2020

When I pulled up a chair (with a cuppa and biscuit for company 🙂 to write the latest Karl’s Corner blog, my intention was to write about settling a new puppy or kitten into your home at Christmas. It’s not a subject I was particularly looking forward to penning as a Veterinarian; every year I […]

Christmas 2020 aka Festive Covid Capers. Date: December 11, 2020

Well folks, here we are again, hurtling towards another Christmas (one that nearly didn’t happen!); and what a year it’s been, eh? If any of you had approached me last New Years’ Eve – y’know, back when we could hug each other, gather together in social groups of more than six and be from unlimited […]