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Dodging Winter’s ‘Wonderful’ Curveballs. Date: January 7, 2021

Well, we did it; kicked 2020 to the kerb and ushered in 2021. I trust you all had a lovely festive season, albeit a far from ideal one? The little man, Jesse, kept us on our toes at Underhill Towers – and I include the furry members of the family in this! We’re now firmly […]

2020; So long and thanks for all the …..nothing! Date: December 24, 2020

When I pulled up a chair (with a cuppa and biscuit for company 🙂 to write the latest Karl’s Corner blog, my intention was to write about settling a new puppy or kitten into your home at Christmas. It’s not a subject I was particularly looking forward to penning as a Veterinarian; every year I […]

Christmas 2020 aka Festive Covid Capers. Date: December 11, 2020

Well folks, here we are again, hurtling towards another Christmas (one that nearly didn’t happen!); and what a year it’s been, eh? If any of you had approached me last New Years’ Eve – y’know, back when we could hug each other, gather together in social groups of more than six and be from unlimited […]

How much Should You Feed Your Dog? Date: November 27, 2020

I want to tackle a subject that is, in my opinion, one of the most important areas of any pets’ care; how much feed to give you pet, specifically your dog, for this blog. Here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre, we’re not alone in seeing some chubby dogs; it’s becoming all too common in practices […]

Animal Welfare. Date: November 12, 2020

Something that any Veterinarian is passionate about, and that I feel is particularly pertinent at the moment, is the United Kingdom’s strict legislation regarding animal welfare, and what got me thinking about this subject was Denmark. Now you might be thinking “how on earth did ‘Denmark’ lead to ‘Animal Welfare’?”, and the answer is Mink. […]

Making Hallowe’en Happy for all The Family. Date: October 21, 2020

Hi everyone, hope you’re all in good spirits? In the midst of all the current Covid chaos, I thought I would provide a reminder of the fun still to be had. I was thinking about Halloween the other night, and how we could do it ‘Covid safely’, for all the humans in the Underhill Towers […]

Continuing Covid-19 Safety Measures; What the SLVC Team are Doing. Date: October 13, 2020

Well folks, I’ve gotta say that I’m definitely thinking of renaming ‘Karl’s Corner’ to ‘Corona Corner’! It seems that the guidelines are constantly changing and we have to evolve our practices and procedures to stay ahead of this ever-moving social landscape. I know, I know; we’re all getting a little Corona weary, but as we […]

Kennel Cough Vaccination. Date: October 7, 2020

Well folks, I was out cycling the other day and noticed the first tell-tale sign that autumn was here: those cosy tones of Gold and Russet had made an appearance on trees’ leaves. I usually love to see this change but this year I have to say that I feel a little bit cheated. The […]

Treatment and Management of Epilepsy and Seizures in Cats, Dogs and Other Small Furries. Date: September 24, 2020

The team at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre specialise in small animal care, which means we treat pretty much anything excepting horses and livestock. Although there are common ailments and surgical procedures that make up the bulk of our day-to-day work, we do occasionally see non-routine cases. A strong love of animals and their health and […]

How to keep your Bunny in Bouncingly Good Mental and Physical Health Date: September 17, 2020

There’s been an upturn in the number of pets being bought during the Covid-19pandemic lockdown, one of which is the humble Rabbit, commonly kept as an ideal childrens pet due to its size. Rabbits are far from simple creatures though and have many needs to consider when keeping them as family additions. In this blog […]