My Pets (Karl’s Clan)

Here at SLVC we love hearing about all your pets, so I thought it might be nice for you all to hear about our team members various pets.

The first member of “Karl’s Clan” (as I like to call our family) to introduce is Ziggy. Ziggy was a rescue kitten from Cats Protection who we got three years ago (can’t believe how time flies!). The poor wee man had a condition called entropion which is where eyelids fold inwards and cause the eyelashes to rub against the eye itself. It’s a very painful condition, and at only 8 weeks old it was a lot for him to cope with, as the rubbing had caused severe ulceration of his eyes. Luckily for him, I have a few skills up my sleeve and operated to return his eyelids to a normal position. There is some scarring left on the eye surface which gives him a winsome gaze when photographed; taking photos isn’t the easiest thing as he’s jet black! Ziggy has fantastic eyesight now, and the lack of pain means his unique character can shine.

Ah yes, his character. Let’s just say he’s affectionate on his terms. Ziggy goes walkabout when we have guests around, and isn’t the most sociable guy with the other furries; BUT when he receives a face rub, the affection he shows is amazing. Who doesn’t love a kitty lick and nibble of their hand? Yep, I can see all you kitty mums and dads nodding your heads and smiling 🙂

Poppy arrived next and she was the first dog Stef and I had owned. It had been Stef’s life-long dream to own her own dog and when this little lady came to the practice from Angels Small Paws Rescue I knew the perfect Mummy for her! It was a magical “love-at-first-sight” moment for Stef and Poppy; with her friendly, loving demeanour and manners to burn it was a given that she was coming home to Underhill Towers. We decided to get her DNA tested and found out that she is a Jack Russell/Yorkshire terrier cross – that explains the joie de vivre!

Many of you will know about the total legend that was Winston, my beloved Blue British Shorthair. Sadly he went across Rainbow Bridge, but he left a huge gap in our lives; so, we made the decision to buy another British Shorthair (having never bought a pet before). This time we bought a Colour Point Shorthair, who we named Simba. Even at the tender age of 6 weeks his looks and affectionate personality had us wrapped around his tiny paws and we excitedly waited until he’d had his final vaccinations at 12 weeks to bring him home. What is it they say “best laid plans”? Ha! I laugh in the face of plans – the introduction did not go anything like we wanted. Ziggy was distinctly under-whelmed by the arrival of Simba and was very aggressive towards him; there was no way they could be left together on their own.

This is where super mum Poppy came into her own; she took on the role of protector and if Ziggy so much as put a paw in Simba’s direction she would put her little self between them as if to say “step away from my feline son buddy”. Their closeness was so cute to see, and the photos demonstrate this beautifully. Simba is nearly twice the size of Ziggy now, so it’s perhaps as well that Ziggy got used to having him around!

Cats and dogs get into some weird and wonderful positions and Simba’s is lying on his back, all four legs spread; he really has no shame or modesty! You couldn’t wish to meet a more loving cat, and his chilled “manana” attitude means everyone loves him.

The fourth and final (famous last words!) member of the Underhill clan is little Betty whi is both fiesty as well as gorgeously affectionate. This amazing Shih-Tzu/ Cavalier cross character came to us again from Angels Small Paws Rescue, and it’s hard to imagine life before her as she’s fitted in so well.

Poppy and Betty are partners in crime/ladies of leisure, depending on what they’re up to! They love spending every minute together whether that’s eating, sleeping, walking or creating mischief.

I wouldn’t be without any of my furries, and I’m sure you all feel the same; they really are family members. The Underhill household is full to capacity; the four furries very kindly let their two humans’ share their home, but I don’t think anything else could possibly squeeze in!

We’re always on hand at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre to keep your pets in tip-top condition, and we love to hear about their adventures; I suppose in a way you could say they’re all our extended familyJ

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone.

Until next time; stay safe, stay well and be happy 🙂