Staff Pets – Lynn’s Pets

Many of you will have met the lovely Lynn, an integral member of our reception team here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre. As part of the “meet our pets” blog series it is the turn of her fur babies, Sasha and Jasper, to bask in the limelight!

Sasha is a very beautiful Rottweiler, a grand dame at the ripe age of 12 years. Sasha has been lucky enough to only ever have been owned by Lynn and her family since she was a mere pup; Lynn’s son owned both her parents, so Lynn has known Sasha literally all her life :-). Unfortunately some large breeds of dog are predisposed to a condition called Osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) and this condition began developing in Sasha when she was a youngster.

OCD is a painful joint disease that affects the shoulders, elbows, and knees in Canines and this has, over the course of many years, led to Sasha developing arthritis. Luckily it hasn’t curtailed her love of walking, something she still gets to do on a regular basis. Walking has taken on a remedial as well as enjoyable role for Sasha and Lynn, as Sasha tore her Cruciate ligament last year and gentle mobilisation played a part in her rehabilitation.

Sasha’s favourite place in the world is Lynn’s sofa and she shows her love for it by lounging on it at every opportunity! Whilst there, she likes a good old fuss from Mum – and who can blame her? A lot of dogs have a particular toy that they favour, and Sasha’s is a stuffed Squirrel :-). Squirrel is a well-travelled chap, thanks to Sasha’s insistence that he comes on the car journey to Elvaston Castle where Lynn and Sasha love to walk the most. You’re probably grinning as you imagine the sight of a Rottweiler carrying a stuffed Squirrel toy, I know I am!

One of the things that Sasha is noted for is her calm, laid-back temperament and she is also a bit of a peace-keeper; many’s the time she has waded in between two fighting dogs to part them – go Sasha! Along with age comes experience, certainly when it comes to food. Sasha has a very discerning palate when it comes to treats, not just any old titbit passes muster with this lady. Gravy bones are always met with approval, which is more than can be said for items given to her by those she meets out on walks; it has been known for her to turn her nose up at treats offered. One thing she never refuses though is Steak! You can’t say that this girl lacks standards!

Jasper the cat is the other fur baby senior citizen in Lynn’s’ household; he is 18 years young and up until very recently has been in rude health. Lynn found Jasper when he was a stray, very tiny kitten, bless him. Lady Luck must’ve been shining down on this fortunate kitty, he really couldn’t wish for a better home than with our Lynn :-). Just before Christmas 2017 we diagnosed Jasper with Hypertension (high blood pressure) and Kidney disease, but so far (fingers crossed) he seems to be coping well and he hasn’t let it curb his joy for life.

Like most cats, Jasper doesn’t “do” cold conditions; his favourite spots are in the gardens’ sun-traps in summer, and next to the radiator and on the draining board above the dish washer where it’s warm, in winter. The other thing Jasper has in common with a lot of his fellow felines is his love of Tuna fish for dinner. However, cats are known for their independent ways and Jasper demonstrates this by enjoying a Ruby Murray (Curry) if he gets the chance!

Stuffed Squirrel- and Curry- loving pets; bet there’s never a dull moment in Lynn’s house! 🙂 Let’s face it though; we wouldn’t have our pets any other way than with their quirks, would we?

On a serious note, we know that behavioural changes in pets can be a sign that something isn’t quite right with their health and it can be how they show us their discomfort. If you have any concerns at all about your beloved pets, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre. It may well turn out to be nothing, or it could be the start of an illness that can be treated if caught early.

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy 🙂