Cat help sheets

Cats are generally very independent which allows them to fit in well with the modern busy human! It is for this reason that cats are now the most popular domestic pet in the UK. Sometimes cats can choose you but you would be wise to think carefully about everything a cat requires before re-homing it.

A cat requires lots of TLC including regular preventative treatment for worms and other parasites, vaccinations and dental care. Neutering is also very important to prevent unwanted behaviors and help control the ever-increasing number of stray animals in the UK. Micro-chipping is essential to help identify individuals should they go missing and help return them to their home.

Cat’s need somewhere warm to sleep, a litter tray, a constant supply of water, daily feeds and toys to play with. You will have to take into account the costs for food, cat litter, veterinary care, and pet insurance. You would also have to pay for cattery charges should you go on holiday.

Cats can live into their twenties if they are cared for correctly.