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Pinky & Perky

These two little pigs are called Pinky and Perky and they are the best of friends. They came to Saint Leonard Veterinary Centre after they had developed a skin condition.

It was found that the two Guinea’s had skin mites and after being successfully treated they are now back to their loving and playful selves.

Pinky and Perky


This is Chang a 5 year old Tonkinese who was successfully used as a blood donor at SLVC to save the life of a cat which was bleeding from a broken pelvis. His blood was found to be type A which was a perfect match.

The blood was successfully transfused allowing the patient to be stabilised before the broken pelvis was fixed with metalimplants. We were all very grateful to Chang!



This is Mario a 1 year old Domestic Shorthair who as you can see from the x-ray (arrow) presented to the practice with a broken toe! The good news was that he did not require surgery.

Mario’s leg was splinted (see photo) and his dressing was changed regularly meaning we got to know him very well! Mario has now made a full recovery and is still as mischievous as ever!





This is Martha a 9 year old Italian Spinone who presented at SLVC as an emergency earlier in 2014. Martha’s stomach had bloated significantly and she was very painful and wretching regularly. Martha had developed the life threatening condition GDV (gastric dilation and volvulus) where the stomach dilates and twists.

Martha underwent emergency surgery to deflate, de-rotate and fix the stomach in to position. She had us all very worried but is now doing exceptionally well.

The x-ray shows Martha’s twisted and dilated stomach (arrowed).



This is Prada a 1 year old Chihuahua who developed with an abnormal hind limb conformation resulting in her knee cap dislocating out of position on a regular basis. As well as causing pain, this condition pre-disposes to arthritis in the joint.

Prada was successfully operated on to reintroduce the knee cap back in to its original home! Prada is now free to live a normal pain free life.

The images illustrate the metal pins and wire which have been used to correct Prada’s deformity.