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Suzanne Hancox (Marley’s mum)


I joined your practice in July with my beautiful 10 year old Labrador cross who, unfortunately, suffers more than his fair share of health issues. We joined on recommendation from Ashbourne Hydrotherapy.

Although we have only been with you for a short time to date, I just wanted to thank you for the care you have shown him so far. Nyika has always made me feel reassured and at ease whenever we have visited her and I am so pleased that she is now Marley’s vet and can help us through his ‘senior years’.

I would also like to pass on my thanks to the rest of your team, in particular Annie. She is so helpful and lovely and was a great help in sorting out Marley’s medication re-order. Whenever I come off the phone from Annie I feel as though she genuinely cares about my dog and I come away from the call feeling like I’ve just been given a big hug!

Thanks again.

Wishing you and your team a lovely Xmas.

Sue Hancox

Jane (Rosie’s Mum)


I just felt I needed to drop you a line and say a massive thank you on Rosies behalf..

But not only should be so very proud of the business that you have created, the service is second to none from the front door onwards, the way you all behave is perfect for the role and the business comes across as a dedication rather than a money making stream that happens to fit with your interests and qualifications.

I hope that as you grow you are able to keep true to your values as many communities of animal lovers need a SLVC in their life. The whole set up is amazing and a total credit to you…you should be so very proud.

Emma Sheena (Hissy’s mum)

Dear Karl and all of the team at SLVC,

I just wanted to drop a note to you all to express my heartfelt gratitude for the first class care and service you have provided over many years for our lovely boy Hissy.

I received your most thoughtful card in the post today which, by the way, has seriously tested out my waterproof mascara😢, but is a really lovely gesture and prime example of the compassion and personal level of service that you all provide.

Whilst this is a sad time in our house, it is also important to recognise that without the close attention and wonderful medical care you have all given to support Hissy with his many ailments in his senior years, we wouldn’t have had so many loving memories with him and been able to enjoy him in our family for as long as we have. For this we will always be grateful.

Little things count a lot when dealing with the health of a pet that becomes a part of your family and you certainly have got this off to a fine art in your practice.

From the care and attention you all gave to Hissy when he used to come for his cat holidays, (he would always return home more chilled than we did from our holidays!!!), to the quick, flexible and accommodating service provided in the many repeat med requests I made over the years.  All of this makes for a customer and pet focussed service that is second to none.
Each time I called for repeat meds the lovely Annie would always enquire…How is Hissy? and the ladies at the Derby surgery always commented on Hissy’s loud snoring when he was staying with you!!!

And even when we had to say our final goodbye to Hissy everything was dealt with in such a calm and compassionate way we couldn’t have asked for more – thank you Karl for helping us with that.

It’s important to recognise what you all do as it’s certainly not something I could do and I offer you my thanks for going above and beyond to looks after Hissy in the way that you all did.

Card and chocolates to follow – but didn’t think I would find a card big enough to write all of this on….!

Many, many thanks from us all.
With warmest regards,

The Sheena family

Charlotte Holmes (Toby’s mum)

Good afternoon,

I am writing this email to praise your staff and vet James for the service and care we received on 14/12/17. Myself and my parents had to sadly say goodbye to our old cat Toby. Upon arrival we received a lovely welcome and were told to go straight through to the consultation room to spend some private time with Toby before we had to say goodbye. The vet James introduced himself to us and gave us all the time we needed before starting the procedure. He was very informative and made the whole process a lot easier and more comfortable for me and my family.

I would like to thank the team for always providing us with excellent care for our pets over the years we have been bringing them to you, a special thank you to James for looking after our old boy in his last moments, he is a credit to your practice.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Many thanks,

Charlotte Holmes

Vicki Worton (Milo’s mum)

I’m useless with technology but at last found how to contact you.

Your care and attention trying to find Milo’s problem was brilliant and a breath of fresh air.

All your staff are friendly and approachable providing lots of information. Of course with Milo’s condition you will see him again but at the moment he is not in pain and a lot happier.

In fact he decided to join the cat on the top of the sofa, he won’t be doing that again. Thanks Karl and thanks to your team.

Eleanor Feetham (Owner of Bobby)

To Nyika and the whole team,
I wanted to write and thank you so much for the care and compassion you showed towards both me and my lovely old cat Bobby.
I brought him to the Osmaston Road surgery, a couple of months ago and due to his age and a multitude of ailments was told that painkillers were the only real option for him. At the time this was difficult to hear but I appreciated knowing the truth and the caring way it was put across. The lovely ladies in reception found me a tissue and comforted me. Thank you.
A couple of weeks ago Bobby took a turn for the worst and I knew it would be cruel to allow him to suffer anymore. My Dad brought him to the surgery where he went to sleep peacefully.
Bobby was 18.5 years old, I have had him most of my adult like and he was my faithful little friend.
A few days later I was beyond touched to receive your personally handwritten card and Bobby’s paw print. What a very special gift to be given. To write to me was way beyond what I expected and I will treasure the little print forever.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the personal and genuinely caring service I received from you. It was made such a difference.
Many thanks to you all,
Eleanor Feetham

Richard, owner of Sandy

To Karl and all of the team at Saint Leonard

You’re all so kind and your thoughtfulness means so much.

Upon recommendation in 2006 I decided to register my dog (Sandy) here. Over the years there have been times she has needed to visit, whether it be for a check-up or an emergency like the time she knocked herself unconscious whilst climbing at Elvaston Castle! In all cases I found Saint Leonards to be very professional, caring, and supportive and always with my dog’s health as number one priority.

So if you are reading this as an existing customer I feel your pet is in the best possible hands, or if you are considering joining Saint Leonard’s DO NOT HESITATE joining this superb team and know your pet is in safe hands and put first every time should you ever need the team and services they provide.

Sadly for myself and family with a very heavy and broken heart on 25th April 2017 at 14 years old, my dog’s heart was too strong from her frail body and I made the decision to lay her to rest. This took place at our family home with a visit from Karl and Rebecca from Saint Leonards.

I would like to offer the most praise possible how they helped and handled the hardest decision of my life with their professionalism, comfort, endless time but most of all support to myself and family. I was able to give Sandy the kindest send-off I could have ever wished for.

I would again like to thank Karl….a true gentleman and a HUGE credit to the Saint Leonard Practice for everything he did, including his aftercare which helped us deal with our loss that has left a void in our hearts that will never be filled.

Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for the past 11 years.

Best Wishes from

Richard, Leanne, Seth and the late Sandy. xxx

Emma Taylor

Hi, my name is Emma Taylor.

My dog Charlie has been a member of this vets for over 15 years. I know, with working in retail that people are always quick to highlight the negatives in life and are quick to complain in general, but when exceptional work is shown, it’s never praised or appreciated. So I’m writing this to say a massive thank you to everyone who has treated my old boy and best friend over all of these years.

Thank you to Karl for always remembering us and taking extra special care of my boy.

Sadly, we have recently had to have Charlie put to sleep, this was the hardest thing we as a family had ever had to do in our entire lives. The decision was hard, but the time was right.
We arranged for it to be done at home so Charlie was more comfortable, as nice as you guys were… He hated visiting!

Now, the biggest amount of praise and thanks to Amiee and Dotty for everything they did for him and us on that difficult day. They were so so lovely with him and us too! They just really put us at ease.
They were the most professional and compassionate people I’d ever come across in all my life. It must be the hardest job in the world to do that, and especially as a stranger in our home.. Which was Charlie’s home. And they handled the situation perfectly. So respectful and even gave us a while with him after. These girls need thanking and you all need to know that they are a credit to themselves and the workplace. They stayed calm and composed whilst the whole family was there.. In pieces. And I have the most respect for them.

It’s taken me a while to right this as I filled with tears every time. But now I can see clearer I needed you all to know.
Thank you all again.. And thank you for the card and the forget me not seeds. It was a lovely gesture.

I’ve included a few pictures of him so you can see him when he wasn’t so grey in the face 😂


Storm Davis (via facebook)

Karl and the team are stars. They have always been so attentive and caring towards paddy and ourselves, throughout his operation and with our finale goodbye. They are all like a family to us, we owe them all so much for how they have helped us.
will all our love Jeanette, Lee, Naomi and Storm Davis.

Alice Bold (via facebook)

Saint Leonard’s is incredible. Both Hugo and Doug absolutely love coming to visit the practice and all the amazing vets, and love the treats and fuss. We are thankful to you all for making his breathing a lot easier so he can have many adventures with his big brother