Eleanor Feetham (Owner of Bobby)

To Nyika and the whole team,
I wanted to write and thank you so much for the care and compassion you showed towards both me and my lovely old cat Bobby.
I brought him to the Osmaston Road surgery, a couple of months ago and due to his age and a multitude of ailments was told that painkillers were the only real option for him. At the time this was difficult to hear but I appreciated knowing the truth and the caring way it was put across. The lovely ladies in reception found me a tissue and comforted me. Thank you.
A couple of weeks ago Bobby took a turn for the worst and I knew it would be cruel to allow him to suffer anymore. My Dad brought him to the surgery where he went to sleep peacefully.
Bobby was 18.5 years old, I have had him most of my adult like and he was my faithful little friend.
A few days later I was beyond touched to receive your personally handwritten card and Bobby’s paw print. What a very special gift to be given. To write to me was way beyond what I expected and I will treasure the little print forever.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the personal and genuinely caring service I received from you. It was made such a difference.
Many thanks to you all,
Eleanor Feetham