Emma Sheena (Hissy’s mum)

Dear Karl and all of the team at SLVC,

I just wanted to drop a note to you all to express my heartfelt gratitude for the first class care and service you have provided over many years for our lovely boy Hissy.

I received your most thoughtful card in the post today which, by the way, has seriously tested out my waterproof mascara😢, but is a really lovely gesture and prime example of the compassion and personal level of service that you all provide.

Whilst this is a sad time in our house, it is also important to recognise that without the close attention and wonderful medical care you have all given to support Hissy with his many ailments in his senior years, we wouldn’t have had so many loving memories with him and been able to enjoy him in our family for as long as we have. For this we will always be grateful.

Little things count a lot when dealing with the health of a pet that becomes a part of your family and you certainly have got this off to a fine art in your practice.

From the care and attention you all gave to Hissy when he used to come for his cat holidays, (he would always return home more chilled than we did from our holidays!!!), to the quick, flexible and accommodating service provided in the many repeat med requests I made over the years.  All of this makes for a customer and pet focussed service that is second to none.
Each time I called for repeat meds the lovely Annie would always enquire…How is Hissy? and the ladies at the Derby surgery always commented on Hissy’s loud snoring when he was staying with you!!!

And even when we had to say our final goodbye to Hissy everything was dealt with in such a calm and compassionate way we couldn’t have asked for more – thank you Karl for helping us with that.

It’s important to recognise what you all do as it’s certainly not something I could do and I offer you my thanks for going above and beyond to looks after Hissy in the way that you all did.

Card and chocolates to follow – but didn’t think I would find a card big enough to write all of this on….!

Many, many thanks from us all.
With warmest regards,

The Sheena family