Emma Taylor

Hi, my name is Emma Taylor.

My dog Charlie has been a member of this vets for over 15 years. I know, with working in retail that people are always quick to highlight the negatives in life and are quick to complain in general, but when exceptional work is shown, it’s never praised or appreciated. So I’m writing this to say a massive thank you to everyone who has treated my old boy and best friend over all of these years.

Thank you to Karl for always remembering us and taking extra special care of my boy.

Sadly, we have recently had to have Charlie put to sleep, this was the hardest thing we as a family had ever had to do in our entire lives. The decision was hard, but the time was right.
We arranged for it to be done at home so Charlie was more comfortable, as nice as you guys were… He hated visiting!

Now, the biggest amount of praise and thanks to Amiee and Dotty for everything they did for him and us on that difficult day. They were so so lovely with him and us too! They just really put us at ease.
They were the most professional and compassionate people I’d ever come across in all my life. It must be the hardest job in the world to do that, and especially as a stranger in our home.. Which was Charlie’s home. And they handled the situation perfectly. So respectful and even gave us a while with him after. These girls need thanking and you all need to know that they are a credit to themselves and the workplace. They stayed calm and composed whilst the whole family was there.. In pieces. And I have the most respect for them.

It’s taken me a while to right this as I filled with tears every time. But now I can see clearer I needed you all to know.
Thank you all again.. And thank you for the card and the forget me not seeds. It was a lovely gesture.

I’ve included a few pictures of him so you can see him when he wasn’t so grey in the face 😂