For cats

We see more Cats at our Derby practice than any other type of pets. With this in mind we have refined our facilities and service over the years to ensure we are catering for our feline friends to the best of our ability.


We have extremely experienced vets with years of practice treating feline patients.

Our vets are cat lovers themselves, four of the five have at least one cat of their own.
We have vets with advanced qualifications ensuring advanced knowledge of feline conditions and meaning advanced procedures can be completed on site.

We have a nursing team with well over a hundred years experience caring for cats in the hospital.
Our head receptionist is a huge cat lover.


  • We have a designated section of our waiting area for Cats the ‘Cats Corner’
  • We have a designated Cat Ward where Cats can relax, away from noisy dogs and without being in the view of any other cats either
  • Feline Forts are provided for cats to hide inside so that they feel safe while hospitalised
  • Wicker baskets on our weighing scales allow cats to relax as they are being weighed
  • Advanced patient warming and monitoring equipment is available to help ensure the safety of smaller patients while under anaesthetic
  • Meow Hotel is our onsite cattery which ensures clients can go on holiday with peace of mind knowing that their loved one is in the safe hands of their vet


Comprehensive preventative feline medicine is practised including vaccinations, neutering, micro-chipping and parasite control.

We offer a Geriatric Gold Plan which caters to the conditions that cats commonly develop when they get older including high blood pressure, kidney insufficiency, overactive thyroid and diabetes.