Gold plan

Prevention is better than cure and our Gold Plan provides conscientious pet owners like you with all the preventative measures needed for your pet each year. Regular visits mean that we have the opportunity to administer necessary vaccinations and dispense accurate and up to date worming, flea and tick treatments. In addition, regular clinical examinations give us the opportunity to carefully monitor the general health of your pet and offer advice and support as needed.

What’s included for all cats & dogs (irrespective of age)

  • Full clinical examination with a vet twice a year to include checking ears, eyes, skin, coat, heart, lungs, weight, claws, teeth, muscle and joints.
  • Annual vaccinations, including kennel cough for dogs (£17.50 surcharge per vaccination for new clients signing up to the Gold Plan).
  • Worming treatment for 12 months as required for your pet.
  • Flea and tick treatment for 12 months.
  • 10% discount on neutering, microchipping, food, and dental work.
  • A health check with a nurse twice a year.
  • Free nail clip at health checks.
  • Free anal gland emptying at health checks.
  • Dietary advice.

Senior gold plans (older than 8 years for both cats & dogs) also includes

The Senior Gold Plan is an extension of our standard Gold Plan and is aimed at older pets. This includes dogs and cats aged 8 and older. The senior gold plan gives you all the benefits of the standard gold plan but also includes routine yearly blood tests and yearly urine tests. These are added to try and detect any diseases at an early stage. Early detection of diseases allows us to instigate treatment earlier which usually leads to a better long -term outlook for your pet. This will benefit any pets where abnormalities are detected but also gives us a baseline to refer to when tests are normal and provides peace of mind for you that they are fit and well. This plan can give you the reassurance of knowing you are providing the best possible care for your pet in their golden years. Please speak to a member of staff if you are interested in the Senior Gold Plan and they can discuss it further with you.

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