The focus of this blog is our lovely Practice Manager, Cat, and her furry family members :-). A lot of you will have seen Cat at our Derby premises, cracking her whip and making sure the SLVC ship is sailing smoothly and in Bristol-fashion.

Cat loves nothing more than getting out and about with her Canine companions aka the super-duper six, due to their number!

Every rule has its exception and in this case it is Roxy, the only German Shepherd in the pack. Roxy is bestowed with a quite stunning long haired coat, which is lovely and snuggly on cold nights when she comes for a cuddle with her mum. Roxy has been with Cat since she was a mere whipper-snapper of a pup aged 4 months old; she has the typically GSD nature of being extremely loyal and protective, and likes to demonstrate this by climbing up on mums’ lap for a fussJ Roxy has needed my help in controlling her travel sickness, but now it’s under control she jumps in the car for weekends away and loves nothing more than a good run along a beach.


The rest of Cats “gang” are spaniels; 4 Springer spaniels and 1 Cocker spaniel. Bracken is a 2 year old, Liver and White girl who came to Cat as an 8 week old pup. Since she was in her twenties it had always been Cats’ dream to have a Springer and despite having been warned not to have one, she went ahead and got Bracken. Bracken completely stole Cats heart, becoming her “best friend” and being the reason why Cats house is “Springer central “! True to type, Bracken is very intelligent, loyal, cuddly and full of beans.

Jerry (Jerry Springer – get it?!) is also Liver and White, and is 18 months old. Cat went to Wales for a holiday and came back with this little tyke; I say little because, coming from working stock, he is slightly smaller in stature than your typical show type Springer. This self-confessed mummys boy has a massive personality though, making up for his smaller size; hopefully the 4 pups he’s sired will inherit his joie de vivre 🙂



Stan (the man), AKA Staniel the Spaniel is another Liver and White lad, slightly older than Jerry at 2 years old. Stan came to Cat at 7 months old when it became clear that his forte wasn’t as a trailing dog. Despite coming from one of the country’s top breeders (and having the staggeringly fab pedigree to match) his laissez-faire demeanour meant his work ethic was less-than-stellar! Stan doesn’t lack the curious nature of his breed though, and this unfortunately led to him swallowing a toy and caused his bowel to get blocked. Yours truly and the SLVC team came to the rescue, performing surgery on him to cure the problem, and now he loves nothing more than swimming.

The fifth member of Cats’ gang is the effervescent Dottie. Dottie is your archetypal Springer spaniel; completely bonkers, totally delirious with lifes joys, but so loving you can’t help but be bowled over by this 15 month olds charmJ .This Liver and White dynamo only has one speed – full pelt! Many’s the time that Dottie has sent her mum flying as she retrieves her thrown dummies and her human hasn’t moved out of the way quick enough! It really is a case of Dottie by name and nature, but Cat loves her just the way she is 🙂

Lastly but by no means least is Jess the 10 month old Cocker Spaniel. This gorgeous liver coloured lass has had to be “enlightened” by Cat as to the normal etiquette of family living. In her previous home she was continually jumping up and had no concept of personal space; with young children in the house you can imagine what a nightmare this would be. Jess is a true pocket rocket, unbelievably fast both physically and mentally; her intelligence is cleverly channelled by Cat and she is kept very active. Chasing things (usually things she shouldn’t be chasing!) and swimming are two pursuits that Jess loves, as are socks; there are worse things in life than being a sock monster Jess, you carry on hunting them – just don’t tell your mum that uncle Karl said it’s ok!

Until next time; stay safe, stay well, and be happy 🙂