Kaspar Shaw

Hi everyone I’m Kaspar, an eight year old British Blue cat.

In August Karl operated on me because I had a blocked Mega-colon. I was in so much pain, I thought I was going to die. Mum was very worried about me but she was kept informed of my progress during the day. Karl did a great job, and me, well Ive had a whole new lease of life!!

Things couldnt have been better until 5 weeks later I got an infection in my paw. It was so bad I had to have a toe amputated. I had to come back 3 times a week to have the dressing changed. Everyone was so good to me during that time and on one occasion I was even picked up from my house because my mum couldnt arrange transport. Once again I am now fine thanks to Karl and the team.
As nice as they are though, I hope I dont see them again for a while!

Thanks again guys.
Kaspar (and mum)

Kasper Shaw

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