Success of the month

April 2019: Dollcie

Our pet of the month for April is Little Dollcie, an 8-year-old Yorkshire terrier. She presented to the practice with difficulty urinating although she seemed fine in herself. Her urine was examined and an ultrasound scan of her bladder was performed. Multiple bladder stones were found and given the large number and size of the bladder stones, surgery to remove them was the only option. So, we made a small incision into the bladder wall to carefully remove the stones, some the size of grapes! As you can imagine for a small dog, this was very painful. Dollcie had her procedure without any problems and had a smooth recovery. Within days she was able to urinate on her own, and has continued to do well. Dollcie is now on a special veterinary prescription diet to help prevent any further stone formations.

MARCH 2019: Poppy

Poppy is our pet of the month for March, and rightly so! She presented to us earlier in the month, full term in her pregnancy having had one pup at home, but no more for quite some time. She was examined and unfortunately, she was suffering from Dystocia. Her second pup was too large to be passed naturally and was stuck in the pelvic canal. This required immediate intervention and she was taken straight through to theatre. All hands were on deck as another four were delivered. All of them were successfully revived. The gorgeous little grey kept the team on tenterhooks for quite some time but did eventually let out the cry of relief! Poppy recovered remarkably well from her surgery and wanted to attend to her pups straight away. She and her five pups went home later that day and are thriving at home.


Nala came to us at the end of January for intermittent lameness on her left fore leg. She had been out on a walk, got a bit too exuberant, and lost her footing down a rabbit hole! She was trialled on a non steroidal anti inflammatory, which helped greatly but unfortunately didn’t provide a complete resolution.

Nala came back into us to have some radiographs taken which sadly revealed a small fracture. This had already started to heal so thankfully we were able to manage her medically and surgery was not required. She has since been on strict rest and has completed a three week laser course here at the practice. She stood perfectly for her laser treatment, and looking at her you’d not think she had a fractured leg!

She’s doing really well on her current recovery regime and she’s a pleasure to treat. Here are a few snippets of her and said fracture, as you can see, she’s still happy as larry!